Did you know that few thousand years ago, today , the day after (what we now celebrate as) Shivaratri marked the beginning of spring?

Vedanga Jyotisha (~1400BC) clearly states the year begins with winter solstice, when both Sun and Moon are near the start Sravishtha and the Sun starts it’s journey north-word, begins the month of This was also the beginning of the season of Shishira.

Two months later, started the season of Vasanta (spring), the two months of which were called Madhu and Madhava. (The names like Chaitra and Vaishakha came in later). That is why even now you will find spring being referred as madhu mAsa (ಮಧುಮಾಸ).

This reminded of this verse from Kumaravyasa Bharata – in the description of Vasanta -ಪಸರಿಸಿತು ಮಧುಮಾಸ.
ಪಸರಿಸಿತು ಮಧುಮಾಸ ತಾವರೆ
-ಯೆಸಳ ದೋಣಿಯ ಮೇಲೆ ಹಾಯ್ದವು
ಕುಸುಮ ರಸದುಬ್ಬರದ ತೊರೆಯನು ಕೂಡೆ ದುಂಬಿಗಳು
ಒಸರ್ವ ಮಕರಂದದ ತುಷಾರದ
ಕೆಸರಳೊದ್ದವು ಕೊಂಚೆಗಳು ಹಗ
-ಲೆಸೆವ ದಂಪತಿವಕ್ಕಿ ಸಾರಸ ರಾಜಹಂಸಗಳು
(Kumaravyasa’s Bharata, description of spring, from Adi Parva)
(p.s: Vedanga Jyotisha does not talk about Shivartri, so I don’t know it it was celebrated 3500 years ago)