Since the music season is upon us, here is old one: a list of tweets I’ve been posted on Twitter earlier.

A few of them may be lame, some of them repeats but hopefully good for a read!

I should acknowledge some of these are from my ideas of my friends too.

Some knowledge of Samskrta and/or Kannada might help.

Q: Name a raga that is liked by male snakes
A: PunnaagavarALi ’ಪು’ನ್ನಾಗವರಾಳಿ

Q: Name a raga that is sung by snakes
A: nAgadhwani

Q: Name one raga that can be played even in a ‘broken’ instrument?
A: ‘bhinna’ shaDja

Q: Which raga is the favorite for hypnotists?
A: Mohana

Q: Which is a raga that might be liked by a street seller?
A: ‘mAruva’ dhanyAsi ’cause it has the word ‘sell’ in it :

Q: Which is the best raga to sing on November 1st?
A: Kannada

Q: Which raga is best to sing in a Court?
A: Darbar

Q: Which raga is very aptly sung during the Fall season?
A: Hemanta

Q: Which raga is apt to sing in the spring season ?
A: Vasanta

Q:Which is the best raga to sing on a road?
A: bahu’dAri’ ಬಹು’ದಾರಿ’

Q: What is a really funny tALa?
A:Mathya tALa, Because it goes like: LOL. One laghu (l),one drta(o), followed by laghu(l) (Courtesy @p6)

Q: Which raga most film makers can’t do without?
A: Nayaki

Q: Which is the raga bore well diggers sing?
A: tODi

Q: Which raga do folks from Norway, Sweden or Iceland wish for during their long winter days?
A: Suryakanta

Q:Which is the favorite raga for KPC (Karnataka Power Corportation) employees?
A:Sharavati ಶರಾವತಿ

Q: Which is the raga liked by those working in armed forces?
A: Senagrani, a.k.a. Senapati/Senavati

Q: Which raga do theater artists like best ?
A: Nataka Priya

Q: Which raaga do school teachers hate most?
A: Kaapi

Q: ಚಿಕ್ಕಮಗಳೂರಿನಲ್ಲಿ ಹೆಚ್ಚಾಗಿ ಕೇಳಿಬರೋ ರಾಗ ಯಾವುದು? Which is the raga often heard in Chikkamagalooru town?
A: ಕಾಪಿ Kaapi
(Chikkamagalooru is a big producer of Coffee in India)

Q: Which is the favorite raga of thieves?
A: Takka

Q: Name two ragas observational astronomers dislike most?
A: Suryakanta, Purnachandrika

Q: Which raga amateur astronomers hate most?
A: Chandrajyoti

Q: Which raga does a high school physics teacher like most?
A: Andolika
(Andolika = pendulum)

Q: Which raga do they sing at an Ayyangar Bakery?
A: Vansapati

Q: Name 3 of the most favorite ragas for astronomers?
A: mangaLakaishiki, budhamanohari, gurupriya

Q: Which raga did P T Usha listen to before her athletic events?
A: Vegavahini

Q: Why was the musician’s wife angry?
Q:Because he sang “ni mama dapa, ni mapa dapa, nee dapa’
( for non-kannadigas – this means “your mom is obese, your dad is obese, you’re obese)

Q: Which is the favourite raga of ENT specialists ?
A: There are two : Karnaranjani and Nasikabhooshani

Q: Which raaga did Gouthama Buddhya sing in Bodh Gaya under the pipal tree?
A: “Calm” Bodhi

Q: Which ragas does Abhinav Bhindra listen to before his gold medal?
A: Mararanjani, Charukeshi, Sarasangi, Harikambhoji, Shankarabharana & Naganandini ( May be a bit technical)

Q: Which is the best raga to sing on a solar eclipse day?
A: Ravichandrika

Q: Name the most favored raga at Procter and Gamble?
A: Dhavalambari

Q: Which ragas should not be sung by people suffering from allergies, asthma etc?
A: Vasantha, hindolavasanta, vasantabhairavi etc

Q: Which are Shiva’s favorite ragas?
A: Gouri and Gangatarangini

If you haven’t read earlier, here is an old post of mine, with my memories of a music season I attended.

Lot of water has flown through Kaveri, but I am glad some things have not changed!

Enjoy the music season.