Tomorrow is Naraka chaturdashi – the day when Mutthuswamy Dikshita ( 1775 AD- 1835 AD),  passed away. I have written about him on my blog here , on the same day three years ago.

Listen to a composition of Balamuralikrishna praising Muttuswamy Dikshita,

This kriti is in raaga Sucharitra – one of the most difficult scales of  Karnataka sangeetha because of the inherently discordant notes of this mELa.  However, Balamurlaikrishna, taking a cue from Muttuswamy Dikshita (read about a composition of his in another equally discordant scale here)   has done an equally wonderful composition, and at the same time, keeping the composition in Muttuswami Dikshita’s  style.

Listen to this composition sung by Rama Varma here:

Chintayami Santatam Sri Muttuswamy Dikshitam!