Today is the fifth day of Navaratri. The composition of Swati Tirunal, sung at Navaratri Mandapam tonight is ‘janani mAmava mEyE’ in the stately Bhairavi raga. This raga is somewhat special in the sense it is to be found only in Karnataka sangeetha, and no similar counterpart in the Hindustani, or in other melodic music systems of the world.

Here is a YouTube clip of this composition:

Today you’ll listen to a rare composition of Muttuswamy Dikshita on Saraswati.  The youngest of the trinity, Muttuswamy Dikshita (1775 AD – 1835AD) is known for his strict adherence to traditions. Thanks to him, today we have compositions in many ragas which would have been mere names found in texts.

Muttuswamy Dikshita is also known for weaving the name of the raga into his compositions very neatly. And today’s example is one such.

Listen to ‘kalaavati kamalaasana yuvati’ in , need less to say I guess, raaga ‘kalaavati’ 🙂

The composition is in Samskrta, and is in praise of Goddess Saraswati. Click here to see the saahitya of this song.

This raga, in my opinion,  has one of the toughest swara intervals  making it a tight rope walk. So there is no wonder not many composers have tried to compose in this raga.  As a side note, there are two other ragas that go by the same name  Kalavati –  one in hindustani, and the other in karnataka sangeetha; but either of these have nothing to do with the raga in which ‘kalaavati kamalaasana yuvati’ is set. So much for naming in Indian music!