Valley of Heart’s Delight – Yes, that was the name this place was known as, before the likes of Shockely made it the ‘Silicon Valley‘!  There were orchards all over Santa Clara county. The growth of semiconductor industry saw increased demand for housing and many of the orchards gave way to housing development in the decades following Shockley’s invention of the transistor.

What made this place the ‘Valley of Heart’s Delight’? It may be the mild winters and hot summers. It may be the soil. It may be the scanty winter rains. Or a combination of these.  But it is a fact, it is a place where one can grow fruit trees much more easily.  A walk in any of the older neighborhoods will show you apple, lemon, peach, plum or some other fruit tree in almost every other backyard.

Right now,  San Jose is home to about a million people.  Although most orchards or gone, it may be the only metro in the USA where there are some functioning farms and orchards within the boundary of the city.

Here are a few pictures clicked on my phone:

Across from N First street, a functioning farm

The housing development was built during the end of 90’s on previously orchard land

A closer view of the orange orchard. Tf you squeeze your eyes, you’ll see plenty of oranges!

Another view of the same orchard, right across the street from where I work