If at all we know one thing certainly about Purandara Dasa, it is the day of his passing away. His son Madhwapa Dasa records in one of his compositions that Purandara Dasa passed away on  Pushya Amavasye of Raktakshi Samvatsara , which corresponds to the year 1564 CE.

This year Pushya amavasye falls on January 15th 2010 –  This is definitely a day to remember the contribution of not only Purandara Dasa, but many other saints who followed the hari dasa tradition, and  contributed both Kannada literature  and enriched Karnataka sangeetha.

Click on the link to listen to  an audio recording of a speech I gave a few years ago here in the bay area – “A Bird’s Eye View on Dasa Sahitya” :


The speech is in Kannada, and includes analysis on the literary and musical aspects of compositions of Hari Dasas.