Ever since I listened to ‘nAcArAmbAm namAmyaham’ a few days ago, I wanted to write this post. But first, here is the composition I’m talking about from Srikanta Krti Sourabha . This composition is in praise of Nacharamma, the lady who Sanketis believe lead their migration from southern Tamil Nadu to southern Karnataka centuries ago. I am posting the sAhitya in dEvanAgari.

नाचारांबाम् नमाम्यहम् नरसिंह दॆव भक्तां शांताम् ॥ पल्लवि॥

आचार संप्रयाय दीपिकाम् अवलंबित जन मार्गदीपिकाम्
(मध्यम काल)
गंडीचीर प्रवर्तिकाम् तां खंडीकृत मत्सरयुत कुपंडिताम् ॥ अनुपल्लवि॥

सकला शास्त्र विद्या विशारदाम् संगीत नृत्य साहित्यामुदाम्
अकळंकाम् स्वयमॆव शारदाम् आनंदित श्रीकांत कृतिपदाम्
(मध्यम काल)
प्रकटीकृत ज्यॊतिष्मती फलाम् प्रबलीकृत संकॆति वरकुलाम्
विकलीकृत भक्ताघकश्मलाम् विविध वरदान चण पदकमलाम् ॥चरण॥

The composition is in samskrta, and the majestic flow of sAhitya, aptly uses of a majestic raga – erakala (yadukula) kAmbhOji to personify this woman who was nothing but extra-ordinary. I had written at length about her in a previous post.

Although I have known the story of Nacharamma for a long time, I did not know that an idol of her existed in a temple I have visited a number of times, until Dr Pranatarthiharan, a noted researcher in Sanketi studies, told me about her idol about her idol at Kowshika temple this earlier this year.

Aptly, the idol is right next to the idol of  Narasimha. Even this composition, she is referred to as “narasimha dEva bhaktAm”.

Here are the idols of Narasimha, and his devotee Nacharamma in the Lakshmikeshava temple in Kowshika:

Check out some more pictures from this temple here, and here.