No. This is not about Bollywood or Hollywood stars, but about two stars in my own life!

We have two stars right at home, because we named our kids after two bright stars in the sky – one, a bright blue-white star and the other, a bright orange-red star.

This was the conversation I overheard on the morning of Mothers Day, when the ‘stars’ were wishing my wife.

Star 1 : amma, The day I was born, I loved you!

Star 2 : It’s supposed to be “From the day I was born”, and there is should be a comma after that, but that’s OK..

Star 1 : There is more to Mother’s Day than correcting people’s mistakes!”

How true! I wish a happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, a day belated.

On second thoughts, I think I am not late at all..

Because mothers indeed deserve every day of the year to be Mother’s Day!