Last year on this day when I wrote my first blogpost, I had no clue I would still writing something one year later. Because my interests are rather limited and are confined, I find it hard find a topic to ramble. But as they say the impossible does happen, and I am still around 🙂 in here!

As I wrote in my very first post, this ‘other house’  is a place to go around and make new friends and learn a few things on the way. It has definitely proved to be an enriching experience for me.

When I posted my first few posts, I was fiddling with a different themes and images to go with, and one day when the Hoysala Architecture page in the Wikipedia, I was sure which images should go with this ‘house’ of mine. From then on I have selected the image on the top of my blog from within Hasana district (where I come from) in southern Karnataka, or from where I live now (Bay area, CA). Some of them were my own pictures, and some others were used from others with their permission whenever possible.

To mark the completing of one year, I have changed the image to the very first of such images I used – A view from inside  the navaranga of Hoysaleswara temple in Halebeedu – a wonderful example of Hoysala architecture (11th century).

Here is a list of images that showed up here earlier:

7th century Kannada inscription atop Chandragiri Hill @ Sravana Belagola

Sunset seen from the top of Mavinakere hill

Garuda in procession, on a street in Kowshika village

A wall panel from Chennakeshava temple showing the court of King Vishnuvardhana

Twin temples of Mosale – Channakeshava and Nageshwara

Decorated doorway in Mavinakere Ranganatha temple

Narasimha on a wall panel of Chennakeshava temple, Belur

A pillar on Indragiri hill, Sravana Belagola

Golden Lights to celebrate Deepavali

A wall panel with elephants from Beluru Chennakeshava temple

Creeper in stone, from a Hoysala temple

Group of Hoysala temples in Doddagaddavalli

Oranges from my backyard

Nandi mantapa in front of Hoysaleshwara temple in Halebeedu

Someshwara temple in Harnahally

Feet of Gommateshwara, Belagola

Navaranga from Hoysaleshwara temple, Halebeedu

You can see some of these images here.

Finally, a big thanks to all those who came by! I guess 60+ posts and 13600+ visits in a year is not too bad for a blog of this nature 🙂