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If you are fascinated by the night sky, there is a new guest in town!! Comet Holmes has shot up it’s brightness by a million times yesterday, and is visible to naked eye as per reports today!

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I can’t wait for sunset this evening!

Update of 26th October:

Last night Comet Holmes was visible as a bright ‘new’ star in Persius. My small binocular showed some fuzziness, but I can’t be sure how much was actually due to the comet and how much was due to the shakyness of the hand 🙂

In spite of a full moon, it was very easy to locate. Not sure how it will progress in the coming days. So look up to the northern sky tonight!

Updated on 29th October
Comet Holmes was visible to the naked eye, comparable in brightness to the sorrounding 2nd magnitude stars. But now we can also see little nebulos nature of the comet, and definitely it looks different than the starts. My small binoculars resolved it to a sphericla nebulous object. Looks like it is not going to get a tail, since it is so far from the Sun. I am looking forward to see this comet in a larger telescope in one of the local astronomy clubs.

 Updated 2nd November

The comet is looking bigger, and brighter. To the naked eye it is very easily looking as a fuzzy object. Through the binoculars, it is a good sized cotton ball.